Brandon Haynes

Paul G. Allen Center, Office 524

Hi, I'm Brandon.

I'm in the database group in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science at the University of Washington. My research, in the domain of database management systems, focuses on designing and building systems that address the needs of new and emerging classes of applications. I am advised by Magdalena Balazinska and Alvin Cheung.

Video data is is being produced and consumed in staggering quantities, and come with unique and substantial data management challenges. With this in mind, my recent work has focused on video analytics and video data management, focusing especially on new and emerging domains (e.g., VR/AR, deep learning, and large-scale multi-camera networks). To improve the performance of video applications in these domains, I develop systems, techniques, and approaches that improve the storage, management, and analysis of video data. This includes leveraging state-of-the-art methods in video compression, signal processing, computer vision, and data storage, and exploring how we can best integrate these methods with modern data management techniques to improve performance and programmability.

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Recent News

  • I'm on the job market. If you have an opportunity and would like to discuss, please contact me!
  • Are you a CSE undergraduate interested in video analytics?. Please contact me!
  • Our paper on VisualWorldDB, a new video DBMS for reasoning about objects in large-scale multi-camera networks, will appear at CIDR.
  • I presented our paper on Visual Road, a benchmark for video database management systems at SIGMOD!
  • I presented our paper on LightDB, a database system for VR video at VLDB!