Data Models, Query Execution, and Storage for Traditional & Immersive Video Data Management

Ph.D. Thesis

Systems designed to simplify application development, optimize execution, and evaluate performance in the context of video data management.

TASM: A Tile-Based Storage Manager for Video Analytics

We present the design of TASM, a tile-aware storage manager, and describe techniques it uses to optimize the physical layout of video data for various query workloads.

VisualWorldDB: A DBMS for the Visual World

A vision and initial architecture for a new type of database system optimized for large-scale multicamera applications


Visual Road: A Video Data Management Benchmark

A scalable analytics benchmark suite and synthetic video generator for video databases and frameworks

Perceptual Compression for Video Storage and Processing Systems

A system that integrates machine learning-improved compression with cloud video storage and distribution, compatible with modern codecs and hardware accelerators

Best Poster Award Winner


LightDB: A DBMS for Virtual Reality

A database management system for virtual and augmented reality video applications


VisualCloud Demonstration: A DBMS for Virtual Reality

An initial archiecture and prototype for a database system supporting virtual reality video applications

Best Demo Honorable Mention

The Myria Big Data Management and Analytics System and Cloud Service

Jingjing Wang, Tobin Baker, Magdalena Balazinska, Daniel Halperin, Brandon Haynes, Bill Howe, Dylan Hutchison, Shrainik Jain, Ryan Maas, Parmita Mehta, Dominik Moritz, Brandon Myers, Jennifer Ortiz, Dan Suciu, Andrew Whitaker, Shengliang Xu

A distributed, shared-nothing big data management system and cloud service


PipeGen: Data Pipe Generator for Hybrid Analytics

A framework that automatically creates efficient connections between pairs of database systems for use in federated analytics and data integration

The BigDAWG Polystore System and Architecture

Vijay Gadepally, Peinan Chen, Jennie Duggan, Aaron Elmore, Brandon Haynes, Jeremy Kepner, Samuel Madden, Tim Mattson, Michael Stonebraker

A polystore system that federates queries over multiple, heterogeneous, integrated storage engines


Temporal-Iterative Map/Reduce

A framework for executing executing iterative map/reduce workloads with temporal characteristics.